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Anodia 2

Anodia 2 is a complete new take on the classic brick breaker genre. With every level unique and fresh you will always wonder what comes next!

While staying true to the first instalment's praised gameplay quality, Anodia 2 brings all new levels with a modern design and art style. Anodia 2 introduces new user experience concept that we call 'Just Play' -- simply hit the Play button, have fun and get the best high score.

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Enjoyed by over 4 millions players all over the world, brick breaker on steroids where no two levels are the same. Break all kind of elements like light-bulbs, flowers, lanterns and much, much more in this fast paced, engaging game that is easy to pick up but hard to put down. Try it yourself for FREE!

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Don't Let the Dot Die

Test yourself in this beautiful, fast paced game of reflex and concentration. How many taps will your dot survive before exploding to pieces? Try to get the best high-score and share it with your friends to show who can keep the dot alive longer.

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Play a classic lines game with beautiful graphics and a hexagonal twist. Make flower lines and try to get the best score! And it's absolutely FREE!